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League of Angels is an online fantasy MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) where you become an adventurer that frees angels to improve your own powers. Visit League of Angels While promising on paper, League of Angels is unfortunately weighed down by too many defects that just can't be ignored. Uninspired angels and expensive micro-transactions
From the start, the focus of League of Angels is the angels that guide you, which you’ll need to free to advance in the game. The concept could have been interesting, but the narrative is so minimalist and dull that it’s impossible to be passionate about the plot. The design of the characters doesn’t help either: the angels (who are supposed to be asexual) are really all women with very large breasts, caricatured and devoid of all personality or originality.
Things only get worse when you realize that the micro-transactions in the game are much higher than the average free-to-play game, making it almost impossible to progress without spending a lot of money.  Swap your mouse for a pillow
As an MMORPG, and because of the very low quality of its narrative, League of Angels should offer interesting for Visit League of Angels apk download gameplay. Unfortunately, it doesn't: you'll play quest after quest in order to become more powerful in a combat system that's remarkabley boring.
As a player, you do virtually nothing. Apart from gathering equipment for your character, you’ll have absolutely nothing to do during fights. Forget about your mouse and watch the attacks unfold automatically . But wait, the developers were nice enought to add a dose of interactivity by asking you to hover over the gold coins that appear at the end of each combat to pick them up– boring! Hideous graphics but compatible with less powerful computers
League of Angels is hideous. The 2D graphics are basic, and the animations are difficult to see. The game environments are missing a lot of variety and are very repetitive, but because of its poor graphics, it’s only saving grace is the fact that it's compatible with even the least powerful computers. An MMORPG of the lowest quality
With its very poor design, hideous graphics, a boring battle system, and abusive micro-transactions, I can comfortably say that League of Angels doesn’t have much to offer, providing all the ingredients of a poor online game that should be avoided like the plague. Las mejores aplicaciones web en Visit League of Angels En línea.

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    Advantages: Compatible with slow machines, Several characters available

    Disadvantages: Micro-transactions for everything, Uninteresting combat system, Very poor graphics