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Sonic the Hedgehog is - with the exception of Super Mario World - the epitome of early 90s platform games. Sonic the Hedgehog If you are nostalgic for the golden age of 16-bit then sit back and get ready to enjoy this mobile version, which manages to be 100% faithful to the original while also bringing with it all the advances of modern digital gaming. Sonic returns...
This version of Sonic the Hedgehog is faithful to the 1991 classic . So, yes, you take the blue hedgehog through levels to face the evil Dr. Robotnik and his army of robotic creations. Along the way you collect rings that act as a shield against damage and provide a little high-score chasing action.
To control all of this there is a virtual stick that allows you to run left and right, plus a single button to jump. Combining these actions and coordinating them as your rush through levels is the only way to make it through... remember this is a classic platformer, and can get really challenging in the later stages.
Sonic the Hedgehog for mobile (and the Apple TV version) has not only nailed the classic playability, but also kept the aesthetics of the original 1991 Sega Mega Drive/Genesis version: beautiful, big, pixelated sprites drip with charisma, for Sonic the Hedgehog apk download and the music will keep you humming its melodies for hours. ... but he's not alone!
What advantages does playing Sonic on a mobile or tablet bring? Well, plenty it turns out. Sonic the Hedgehog for Android and iOS begins by offering new ways to explore levels in the form of Sonic's friends, Tails and Knuckles . These do not simply offer a new look to the playable character, but also provide unique abilities to help you advance through the adventure.
That's not all, Sonic the Hedgehog has also been adapted for the new social era. The classic Sega game now has a Time Trial mode , which invites you to compete with friends to be the fastest to finish levels.
However you play, the touchscreen action feels great . In addition, this modernization has redefined the image to fit a widescreen resolution without losing the 16-bit look, and even provides remastered soundtrack if you would rather that than the old chiptune beats. The definitive version of a 90s classic
Sonic the Hedgehog is a luxurious version of an already exemplary game. Unlike other titles that have tried to offer a full remake, this is faithful to the original aesthetic and levels just adding some incentives for you to want to play through it once again .
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