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Goat Simulator GoatZ is a standalone companion to Coffee Stain Studio's famous parody game Goat Simulator . Goat Simulator GoatZ While it's an expansion pack on PC and Mac, you don't need the original game to play on mobile devices. This spin off puts the goat at the epicenter of a zombie outbreak that it started in the first place, and you're task will be to both infect the population, then survive the attacking zombies. DayZ gone crazy
The Z in GoatZ is no coincidence. It's a reference to the popular DayZ zombie survival sandbox game, which itself started life as a mod for another game (ARMA II). Goat Simulator GoatZ parodies this, and but the humor extends to laughing at itself too. A sandbox game, where you are free to roam an open world wherever you like, creating whatever madness you like. There are two game modes, Before and After Outbreak. In Before Outbreak , our favorite goat wake up with a clear objective: create chaos by infecting every living thing you meet, therefor causing the outbreak of zombies. In After Outbreak , the world is already plagued by zombies, and the goat's objective is simply to survive the chaos. Once you turn someone into a zombie, they'll try to attack you, so you have to immediately try to escape. Except for the start of Before Outbreak, both modes end up being pretty similar. You have to survive the zombie for Goat Simulator GoatZ apk download outbreak for as many days possible, without any other particular goals beyond doing crazy things, creating chaos and just enjoying the absurdity of it all. Surviving a zombie outbreak is easy…if you know how
If you've already played Goat Simulator, you'll have no trouble playing this expansion. The controls are the same, and the goat has the same range of movements, like using its tongue to grab objects and people. In this expansion the goat also needs to find food and not be killed, so you'll be eating food as well as attacking the infected. There's also some object crafting in the game, again following DayZ, so you can get creative with what you attack the undead. Despite the invasion of zombies, which changes the atmosphere, the controls are just as silly and imprecise as ever. It's still part of the fun, grappling with the controls, often with hilarious results. Like the original game, accepting the difficult controls is part of the charm of Goat Simulator GoatZ. The graphics are largely the same, although draw distances have been improved, so you can see further. The soundtrack features darker variations of the original's music. More goat fun
Goat Simulator GoatZ doesn't reinvent the wheel, but gives you more goat based craziness to enjoy. The zombie parody is fun (assuming you get the references!), and there are plenty of surprises to find while exploring.
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